The new Scandal stories revealed

The new Scandal stories revealed

The speculating is over and some of you were right on the money. The Dallas Morning News will report that various religious orders moved priests accused, and sometimes convicted, of abuse from country to country, while leaving them in ministry. I’ve also done a write-up on the story at Catholic World News.

One case involved a Salesian who was moved from Australia to Rome to New York and back to Australia in the 80s, after he was accused. Then in the 1990s he was accused again and convicted of a crime, but given community service. Once again he was accused, and so he was shipped off to Samoa, and the order assured his victims that he would have no contact with children. Want to guess how that turned out? When reporters showed up there, they found him surrounded by children at his church, handing out candy to them, and they also were told that he often tutors children alone in his bedroom.

The reporter also says that many other religious orders have done the same thing. The giant flush you hear is the Big Enema going global.