The national gay ministry conference is coming to Brooklyn

The national gay ministry conference is coming to Brooklyn

The annual conference of the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries (NACDLGM) in Brooklyn next September and a concerned Catholic in that diocese has faxed me the conference materials for my perusal. If you know anything about NACDLGM, you know that their conferences and materials are often full of dissent from the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. Oh sure, on the surface, they claim to be faithful and only interested in helping people afflicted with this “orientation,” but in reality when you look at what’s actually going on, you see the truth.

If these ministries were in fact interested in helping people overcome sinfulness and the temptation to a sinful lifestyle, that would be one thing, but it has become very clear that’s not the case. Besides, what other sinful behavior gets its own ministry in the Church? Where is the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Fornicator Ministries? Or the National Association of Catholic Pedophile Ministries? Adulterers? Thieves? Liars? Ah, but for these people the aim is not to help people overcome homosexuality, it’s to help homosexuality overcome the Church’s teachings. How can I say that? Let’s look at some of the workshops planned for the event.

How about “Homosexuality and Scripture,” led by Jamie Manson, M. Div., director of faith formation, St. Francis Xavier Parish, New York City. Here’s the description: “This session will consider appropriate ways of understanding scripture as ‘inspired,’ discuss the cultural and historical context of biblical literature, and reflect on the presence of harmful texts in the Bible.” [emphasis added] I especially like the scare quotes around “inspired.” It raises the specter of “is it really inspired?” It’s quite clear that the session is designed to show that all those prohibitions against homosexuality in the Bible aren’t really prohibitions or that they can be safely ignored as not inspired by God and culturally conditioned by the homophobia of the time, etc.

Same old dissenting faces

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Domenico Bettinelli