The meaning of Thanksgiving

The meaning of Thanksgiving

Mexican migrant workers in Mississippi understand the true meaning of the American holiday of Thanksgiving in a story by a Glenmary Home Missioner priest:

n the midst of this dry summer, volunteers from our sister parish in Savage, Minn., arrived to conduct a one-week Vacation Bible School at our nearby mission in Houston. Ironically, it was a week when work was available in the sweet potato fields for the first time in days. Yet two of these sweet potato workers, Maria and Augustin Soulis, took a day off—sacrificing a day’s pay!—to prepare a Mexican feast for our volunteers.

But that Mexican feast in July was just one example of Maria and Augustin’s generosity of spirit. Despite long working hours, these parents of two young sons regularly volunteer to help prepare other parents for the baptism of their children. Sister Pat tells me they are always looking for ways to share faith and life with others!

You see, it’s common for folks in Vardaman to share what little they have. And that generosity of spirit is what is on my mind as Thanksgiving approaches. It’s the reason I am so grateful for people like Maria and Augustin.

Read the whole thing for more.

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