The meaning of Christmas and being a Christmas subversive

The meaning of Christmas and being a Christmas subversive

Think the Christmas tree is just another one of those secular symbols of Christmas? Not so, says the Pope. He says that the evergreen tree is symbolic of the tree of life, a figure of Christ. This should be news to all those government offices that put up Christmas ... oops, I mean Holiday trees as an acceptable non-religious substitute for all those religious decorations.

Actually, looks like the Grinch is already on to it. In Pasco County, Florida, the city attorney said Christmas trees are banned from public buildings.

Think that’s bad? I heard of a school that banned red and green decorations of any kind because they’re Christmas colors. How do we counteract this political correctness run amuck? Make sure to remind people that it’s Christmas at every opportunity.

Don’t let someone wish you “Happy holidays.” If someone, like a store clerk, says it to me, I always make sure to cheerefully reply, “Merry Christmas.” More often than not they grin back like I’ve just given them permission to subvert the totalitarian regime. I also don’t countenance “holiday” cards or “holiday” songs. If it doesn’t say Christmas, I have no time for it.