The Jerk in the Vette

The Jerk in the Vette

I encountered a jerk driving a Corvette during my commute this morning. Shocking, I know. And yes, I know that not everyone driving a sports car is a jerk, but too many men (rarely women) get behind the wheel of a high-horsepower rocket and think they’re Cole Trickle. More often, they’re Ricky Bobby.

Anyway, on this fine morning, as I was driving the mean streets of Braintree, a Corvette raced up out of a side street. While it wasn’t exactly bumper-to-bumper traffic, the volume was heavy, yet there was some space between me and the car in front of me. I was going to let the Vette out in front of me, but he had raced up so suddenly it took me a moment to react. By that time, the Vette had jumped out in front of me, almost hitting the car in front of him, and then he slammed on his brakes. I thought me must have slipped his foot off the clutch, but the guy turned to me and yelled an expletive at me. What? What did I do?

And then he had the nerve to pull a “brake job” on me! Look, buddy, you’re driving a brand-new Corvette, probably worth about $70,000. I’m driving a 2000 Honda Civic with its front bumper riveted on and a busted headlight. We could replace my car for the cost of pulling a Civic-shaped dent out of his trunk. Not exactly rocket-science here.

I see the most bizarre things on my commute, although fewer of them since my drive was cut by more than three-quarters a year ago. You should hear my brother’s stories. He’s a truck driver.

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  • What a jerk.  The older I get, and the longer I drive, the more things I see that I can’t believe.  I used to wonder why people gave up driving willingly—well, now I know!

    On a side note:  women often refer to middle-aged (and up!) me who drive Corvettes as suffering from “male menopause.”

  • People need to realize that cars can be deadly weapons, and should not mess with them.  Some of the most sane people I know lose it behind a wheel.

  • I used to (well, sometimes still do) get crazy angry driving.

    We need to remember to “forgive all injuries.”

    Plus, we’re driving to get from point A to B.  Anything along the way is incidental.

    Don’t speed.  Don’t tailgate.  Keep an eye out for aggressive drivers and give them extra room. 

    They think they’re good drivers, but it’s guys like us watching out for them that keep them in one piece.