The first family of Crunchy Conservatism

The first family of Crunchy Conservatism

The Washington Post sent its Style reporter (what is “Style?”) to have dinner with Rod and Julie Dreher and their kids recently to talk to them about Crunchy Con culture. I have a unique perspective, I guess, because Melanie and I and Melanie’s sister Theresa also had dinner with the Drehers a couple of years ago when we were down in Dallas. And like the reporter Hank Stuever, we too found the Drehers to be very hospitable hosts and the kind of people you want to call friend.

(Incidentally, it’s interesting but I’ve noticed a certain dynamic among male conservative Catholic journalists that their wives tend to really be the better halves. And that’s not putting Rod down at all! It’s true of Rod and Julie, of me and Melanie, and of Phil and Leila Lawler. We Catholic ink-stained wretches definitely marry “up”.)

The story takes its typically snarky shots—even while quoting a prescient Jonah Goldberg who had predicted the Crunchy Con idea was “fit for some snarking liberal reporter at the Washington Post ‘Style’ section”—but on the whole it does a decent job of letting the Drehers’ personality shine through.

What’s with the labels?

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