The expanding mandate of the commission on gay youths

The expanding mandate of the commission on gay youths

In Massachusetts, where a father has been arrested for protesting the indoctrination of his grade-school child in the “normalcy” of homosexuality despite his wishes otherwise, it is especially chilling when one reads the following remark made by a member of the Mass. Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, a government-funded agency originally established to provide for self-identified gay and lesbian kids.

“We need to concern ourselves with younger kids, even if they haven’t developed a sense of gender identity.”

If there’s one thing all taxpayer-funded agencies are susceptible is mission creep, especially if their mandate involves social re-engineering.

Read the whole report by Mass Resistance about the public meeting of the commission on March 19, including a report on how State Police were on hand to watch the public present; how a known homosexual activist was being told by a commission member to photograph certain individuals in the audience deemed opponents of the commission’s agenda; how a commission member proposed that the attorney general be asked to investigate watchdog groups that document youth events sanctioned by the commission that include sexually explicit imagery masked as concern for “GLBT children’s safety”.

The “slippery slope” analogy is often derided as an over-used figment of imagination, but in some cases it’s real. First it was “gay rights”, then gay “marriage”, then gay youth commissions. Can broad-based mandatory involuntary indoctrination for all children in the state be far behind?

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli