The elephant in the room… again

The elephant in the room… again

A waiter in Provincetown, Mass., is accused of strangling his roommate to death and stuffing his body in the closet where it was found several days later. This was reported on the evenings news last night, WHDH Channel 7, specifically, and not once was there any mention of homosexuality.

Provincetown is known worldwide as a major locus for homosexuals, like a San Francisco East, but even more concentrated. But not once was sexuality discussed, although the prosecutor said the two men had some kind of relationship and there was plenty of hinting about it. And not a single person watching the broadcast was unaware that this was probably a lover’s quarrel that ended in murder. So why not just state the fact like the news story linked above does? Because we can’t ever give the impression that homoexuals are anything but always loving and faithful and stable. Don’t hint that they can be subject to murderous impulses or depravity or anything else that make Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class uneasy.

Once again it’s the elephant in the living room.