The dissenters

The dissenters

Among the 7 bishops who voted against approving the news Vatican-revised norms was Bishop Gerald Gettlfinger of Evansville, Indiana. His stated reason for opposition was that the policy doesn’t give a bishop discretion to reinstate a priest who had one offense and rehabilitated. As Cardinal Francis George correctly points out, the bishops have lost that discretion.

Besides, how does one know that a person has been “rehabilitated.” Haven’t we learned over the past 11 months that the experts agree that a man prone to having sex with children is not easily cured through therapy. Never mind the fact that many of the therapy programs that diocese send priests to acutally undermine the ability to overcome such proclivities by giving the OK to immoral behavior.

So who were the other six No votes and the single abstention? I’d love to hear their reasons.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli