The communist, radical, anti-American Jesuit

The communist, radical, anti-American Jesuit

  • “There is a real sickness in the heart of Catholic colleges in the US and this is just but one example of it.”
    I thought that Castro had suppressed the Church.  I don’t quite understand why a Catholic priest would favor this? Also, didn’t the Communists in Eastern Europe suppress religion in the twentieth century?
    It used to be said that Catholic parents had a grave (binding under pain of mortal sin) obligation to send their children to Catholic schools.
    I don’t know if this obligation still binds Catholic parents today, but my guess is no. For example, I read in the journal New Oxford Review that there is a course for students at Providence College in Rhode Island are taught how to perform extremely perverted and degrading acts. In another college, Holy Cross college in Worcester, Massachusetts, students celebrated Ash Wednesday by taking part in a play called the V_ monologues, according to which a teenage girl attains her personal salvation by being introduced to lesbianism by an older lesbian. Would it be preferable for a parent to send his children to a Baptist school, where students are taught the importance of family values, and these type of degrading activities are discouraged, instead of what is being accepted today at these Catholic schools?



  • Pray for Fr. Urmston as he and his like-minded colleagues are lost souls.  Under the guise of nonviolence, these people seethe with anger and repressed violence.  Scripture is used only as a very convenient tool that is gleaned for its potential support.  Seemingly educated (but not very broadly), these men and women are the worm in the Church eating ats its core.
    I spent years with them on the Left only to find them bereft of ideas, lacking humility and humor, often perpetually angry, narrow-minded, and lacking any understanding of social, economic, religious, or political movements in what once was termed a liberal education.
    Mostly, they spout and deeply believe jargon and cant.
    Given power, they are dangerous and potentially, as it has proved under communism, given to the violence that they claim to deplore.
    Ultimately, they wish to destroy the Church.

  • Well, of course it’s our fault.

    No doubt he also agrees with Noam Chomsky that the Killing Fields wer ealso all our fault.

    “There is a real sickness in the heart of Catholic colleges in the US and this is just but one example of it.”

    Understatement of the century.

    Many of these schools are frankly not salvageable as Catholic institutions. 

  • When is the Vatican going to force them to conform to Catholic teaching or take their status as Catholic institutions away from them?

    Why has the Pope not thundered at this cancer destroying the Church?

  • <<Why has the Pope not thundered at this cancer destroying the Church?>>

    He has thundered a bit, but he threw no thunderbolts, which is what he ought to have done. Governance on his watch has been a calamity. If we don’t get a General Patton for our next pope, God help us.

  • Amen, Rod.  JPII may be a living saint, but saints are not necessarily good leaders.

    Catholic colleges are basically secular colleges with an empty chapel that somehow has escaped being converted into a gay & lesbian activity center.  Many Catholic high schools are not far behind, and even in the elementary schools you find a shortage of CATHOLIC teachers, and religious training consisting of little more than “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and pattycakey talks about the bad bad bad war in Iraq.  It is a scandal, and I suspect the unwillingness of Catholics to support their own schools, and to accept instead a situation where state and federal dollars (and the various leashes and gags that come with them) do the job is the reason for it.  It’s not the bishops that bear the major portion of blame for this—they know their flocks will call them big spenders and not support them—so they have to make the best of a truly deplorable situation.