The best column you don’t read

The best column you don’t read

It’s too bad that you all aren’t subscribers to the Boston Herald so that you could read Joe Fitzgerald’s columns. (Unfortunately, they are only available to paid subscribers, whether of the print edition or online.)

Joe is not Catholic, but you can tell he has great esteem for the Church. For anyone who thinks that the media never publishes anything positive about the Church, Fitzgerald puts the lie to that. For example, on Friday his column was about a priest who was just ordained this year for Boston reflecting on the impact that Bishop Richard Lennon had on him when he was rector of the seminary. It’s an inspiring look at the good a bishop has done as well as insight in to the life of a priest. Very good stuff and very much in the same vein of Fitzgerald’s work. With all the times he writes about priests, you’d think he was Catholic. I just wish you all could read it.

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  • I’ve been told (I think by my pastor) that Fitzgerald isn’t Catholic and I think I read it once in his column. Unless I’m confusing him with someone else, which is entirely possible.