The bad shepherd

The bad shepherd

A friend tells me a story of Fr. Robert Bullock, pastor in Sharon, Mass., organizer of the Boston Priests Forum, and favorite of reporters seeking quotes from priests critical of the Church. My friend tells me of his friend.

This fellow was a church-going Catholic, but believed he was gay. He also had a gay “partner” who decided he wanted to become Catholic (probably out of loyalty to to his “partner”). So they went to their local pastor, you guessed it, Fr. Bullock. Did Father explain to them the Church’s teachings on homosexuality? Did he at least inform them that they were required to live chaste lives? Nope. He welcomed them to the parish, invited them to dinner, encouraged them to get involved in parish life, and even invited the partner to teach in the adult education program. Remember that this guy is a recent convert. My friend says this guy didn’t even know the Church’s teaching on the Eucharist. Both guys go to Mass and even receive Communion.

Is Bullock exhibiting the qualities of a “priest of integrity” that Voice of the Faithful is always talking about? The only question at this point is why guys like Bullock and Fr. Walter Cuenin and others of their heterodox beliefs are allowed to endanger the souls of their flocks with false teaching? Why has the archdiocese never done anything and continues to do nothing?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli