The baby calmer

The baby calmer

One of the great things about YouTube is that when Isabella is crying and I can't figure out why--diaper is fine, she doesn't want food--if I put on a video of a baby laughing or a dog doing something funny, she calms right down and even starts laughing along. Thanks YouTube.

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  • Stay away from YouTube’s “Family Guy” clips. Not sure how a youngster would react to the cartoon character Peter smoking crack. Ha. Ha.

    YouTube also has some nice zebra finch clips. You may want to give these a look as well!

  • When you have number two, you will find that his or her favorite entertainment—almost from the very beginning—is watching number one go about her regular activities.  This bond between siblings is truly amazing.

  • Dom, that’s an interesting trick.  I find Andrea Bocelli very effective, too.

    brassband, be careful with using numbers in reference to kids.

    Whenever I’m gushing over my son, Josef, I’ll start singing songs from _Dreamcoat_, such as “Joseph!  Pharoah’s Number Two!”

    At one point, my daughter asked their mother what was so good about being Pharoah’s number 2.

    It gets even better at 4 & 5 (ages and kids).  Our five year old has an amazing gift for calming the newborn.