The agenda at work in the gay adoption business

The agenda at work in the gay adoption business

While the supposedly Catholic newspaper columnists in Boston take potshots at the Catholic Church, it falls to the Jewish token conservative at the Boston Globe to point out that a radical gay agenda is at work in the Catholic Charities situation.

Jeff Jacoby quotes a press release from the pro-gay Human Rights Campaign and says it’s a classic case of projection. He said: “It was headlined ‘Boston Catholic Charities Puts Ugly Political Agenda Before Child Welfare,’ and a more perfect illustration of psychological projection would be hard to imagine.”

For the political agenda driving this affair is the one favored by the Human Rights Campaign and its many allies in the media and state government: the normalization of homosexual adoption. So important is that agenda to its supporters that they will allow nothing to stand in its way—not even the well-being of children in dire need of safe and loving families. Catholic Charities excels at arranging adoptions for children in foster care, particularly those who are older or handicapped, or who bear the scars of abuse or addiction. Yet the Human Rights Campaign and its friends would rather see this invaluable work come to an end than allow Catholic Charities to decline gay adoptions.

So while everyone else is criticizing the Church for putting an agenda before the welfare of children, maybe they should be looking in a mirror. Once again we see the point so very well illustrated that the activists don’t want just tolerance, they want active acceptance and approval of the homosexual lifestyle.

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Domenico Bettinelli