That’s why

That’s why

Yesterday, I blogged on the US bishops’ child protection coordinator’s praise for Boston’s training programs and how I thought that what people need is commonsense, not classroom time and that the real problem was cover up, not that people didn’t recognize the abuse.

A friend made an excellent point this morning that crystallized an unformed thought I’d had. He made the observation that the “Talking about Touching” and “Protecting God’s Children” programs are mandatory for everyone who works in all 362 parishes and all schools and other institutions in the archdiocese. Yet, there is no other mandatory program—not on moral doctrine, evangelization, the Life of Christ, the sacramental life, nothing. The only time the Church in Boston was compelled to provide training for every Catholic in a position to affect the lives of many was because of lawsuits and scandals.

Maybe we should sue our dioceses and bishops for bad moral formation and they’d set up mandatory programs for that.

P.S. Now that I think of it, if they did set up mandatory programs for faith-related topics, we’d probably get a lot of heresy anyway, so maybe if they stick to child protection we’ll be better off.

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Domenico Bettinelli