Teresa “reluctantly” supports abortion

Teresa “reluctantly” supports abortion



Teresa Heinz Kerry says she “reluctantly” supports abortion. She says she doesn’t view abortion “as just a nothing,” but admits that it is “stopping the process of life.” She says, “In my compendium of values, a woman facing abortion must be up the creek and feels there is no other option.” She adds that government cannot legislate morality, but rather should promote policies that encourage people to make moral choices.

Once again, that is a morally incomprehensible position. What she is saying is that abortion does “stop the process of life” of another person, but that one person’s desires can trump another’s right to life. Because, after all, what is “stopping the process of life” but a euphemism for killing? If I shoot some guy on the street, I am “stopping the process of life.” And then she says that government cannot legislate morality, but government does it all the time. The government says that slavery is illegal, it does not suggest that it might be better not to enslave others. Murder is illegal: to kill someone else is a moral choice. In fact, most laws regarding felonies are based on legislating morality. To say that anything is “wrong” is to impose a moral definition on it: It is wrong to steal, therefore it is illegal.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli