TAN Books needs your help

TAN Books needs your help

The Catholic publisher TAN Books needs your help. They had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February and must begin showing a profit over the next few months or they will be shut down and liquidated.

TAN publishes some of the classics of Catholic writing, including St. Therese’s “Story of a Soul,” St. Louis de Montfort’s “True Devotion to Mary,” “Imitation of Christ,” St. Francis de Sale’s “Introduction to the Devout Life” and a lot more. In fact, looking at the list, I realized I own a lot more TAN books than I thought.

Consequently, they are having a sale on a list of 80 of their best books. Now would be a good time to pick up some summer reading material and support a worthy Catholic apostolate. What else were you going to spend that $20 on?

  • Chapter 11 again? Weren’t they in that same boat a few years back? It’s not a good sign that a Catholic publisher of so many titles cannot stay afloat.

  • What great titles!  Especially for home schooling and Church History.  If practicing Catholics don’t do their part to keep publishers like this in business, we will lose many wonderful titles that secular publishers will never print!

  • TAN is not affiliated with any schismatic organization. I’ve worked with Mr Nelson before, and he’s a good man. Yes, this is the second time in five years this has happened, and is in spite of holding the rights to the book that inspired Mel Gibson’s Passion movie. They’ll get my support, if only on principle.

  • We have gotten some really great books from them.  “A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture” is terrific, and we buy our high school/homeschool history texts/workbooks and Bible history books from them, too.  Our homeschool has been enriched by these books for many years.  I would hate to see TAN go under.

  • TAN is not affiliated with the SSPX, but obviously members of the Society gravitate toward their offerings.  Furthermore,  the Society apparently used its influence to kill TAN’s planned reprinting of a book by St. Robert Bellarmine which defended the idea of democracy.

    http://matt1618.freeyellow.com/treatise12.html  (scroll down to “Parallel 5”)

    Moreover, discernment is absolutely necessary on the materials griping about Vatican II, some of which are well on the road to schism, if not already there. 

    Still, I agree that TAN’s offerings are solid as a general rule.

    I especially recommend Fr. Laux’s “A Course in Religion” series, a four volume set of reprinted high school texts from the ‘40s.  Really solid stuff, and written with punchy clarity.  It doesn’t read like a textbook.  Or at least any textbook you see these days.  Especially good for RelEd purposes—no talking down to the student or watering down of the doctrinal points.  His books on Church history and the Bible are in the same vein.

  • They have titles that are critical of Vatican II ?  I’m there!  My summer reading shedule is set!!!!!

    Angelus Press is the SSPX publishing house, not TAN.

    booksforcatholics.com is also in deep trouble.

  • Well, I did my part.  Hey, maybe they could send notices to the dioceses and they could make bulk orders- oops, I forgot, authentic Catholicism isn’t welcome in those places……

  • We ofetn use teh hrase “uleashed blogosphere” when we rally to protes something sick and wrong.  How about something healthy and right?  If anyone deserves the latter it’s TAN Books.  Mr. Nelson has made countless unsung sacrifices to keep the ship away from the shoals.  We of St. Blogs can easily send him a stiff breeze toward the open sea.  One peek at the TAN site and you’ll see at least a book or two you’ve benefit from immensely.

  • OK- I did my part.  I was diasppointed to see no books on liturgical dance, of course.  I guess Eucharistic Miracles will have to do.

  • I checked and checked, but there were no books on Eco-feministic spirituality or enneagrams.  Are these guys for real?  Is this a legit business?

  • Ok, here’s my summer reading list. What did you guys get? (Great idea for a Thread….Dom.)

    The Secret Of The Rosary
    The Incredible Catholic Mass
    Our Lady of Fatima Coloring Book
    True Devotion To Mary
    The Reign Of Antichrist

    I think I’m most looking foward to the coloring book, for starters, but with discernment I think I can handle the others, later.