Tale of two Jesuit colleges

Tale of two Jesuit colleges

Here’s a contrast between two Jesuit institutions, and perhaps it’s surprising, perhaps not. Georgetown University has this advertisement to fill the position of Assistant Director of Student Organization & LGBTQ Coordinator. (How long can these acronyms get? It’s almost incomprehensible. As far as I can figure, it stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual, but the Q stumps me. Anyone care to suggest?) According to the ad, this person will “promote student involvement and to establish community on campus and will work to address the complex nature of LGBTQ issues within the context of a Catholic university.” Actually, it shouldn’t be all that complex, but when you’re trying to justify the immoral, I suppose complxity enters in.

  • Dan is right. “Q” means “questioning.”

    The reason for the increasingly lengthy acronyms is not to “leave out” anybody. Hence “gay” becomes “gay and lesbian” (lesbians seemed to think “gay” implies a male view of homosexuality); then “bisexual” gets added for those who can’t make up their mind (in one sense); then “transgendered” for those who are unhappy with the minds they’re given (so to speak); then “questioning” for those who can’t make up their minds (in another sense).

    Wracking my brain trying to figure out what the next letter will be … I’m guessing it’ll be “R” for “recovering” or (ahem) “revert” for people who used to be straight, or were oppressed into it by the heteronormative society, but have now discovered their Inner Homosexual. Their struggles and pains are fundamentally different from those who always were and knew it (LG), and those who are doing both (BQ).

  • Well, from my experience at BC you get one message from the administration, especially Father Leahy, but quite another by actually walking around on campus. A couple of years ago the English Dept. was looking to hire new faculty to do “gender studies” and I don’t recall anyone pitching a fit.
    Incidentally BC also has an “unofficial” LGBC club, not sponsored by the school, but listed on their web page. Many faculty members had support stickers on their office doors, too.
    I got the impression that dissent was widely tolerated.

  • Curses!! I should have thought of the pedophile angle. I think it’ll be “I” for “intergenerationalist.” And we’ll hear the same justifications and moral claims that are, let me say, equally persuasive for incest as for homosexuality.