“Suspicious white male”

“Suspicious white male”

A white, conservative college student refuses to apologize for posting a flyer in a campus “multicultural center” advertising a speech by a black, conservative speaker.

When the student attempted to hang up the flyer, he was told he had to get permission first. He left to investigate the claim. Meanwhile, someone called campus police to report “a suspicious white male passing out literature of an offensive racial nature.” When a university hearing was held, a vice president attempted to explain to the white kid that black people are apt to view a “young white member of Cal Poly College Republicans” as a racist. Nice. If that isn’t racism, what is?

Are all Republicans automatically to be considered racists by activist minorities? Whatever happened to the idea of a university a place to debate and exchange ideas? Of course, that’s only for politically correct speech. Unpopular ideas need not apply.

“What is so shocking about this case is that Cal Poly decided not to punish the student censors, but rather, to punish the student who simply attempted to post a flyer that included only factually accurate information,” said Greg Lukianoff, director of legal and public advocacy for FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education).