Support for gay marriage is a myth

Support for gay marriage is a myth

The Republican Party is circulating some interesting figures regarding gay marriage and the states. Amendments to state constitutions banning gay marriage have already been voted on in six states: Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, and Nevada. Amendments have passed in those states by overwhelming majorities, with the lowest approving percentage being 67.2 percent in the Nevada election. In Louisiana, it won with 78 percent of the vote, and even in liberal Hawaii, the ban won with 69.2 percent.

Meanwhile, in 13 other states considering bans or where the question has been raised, a variety of polls have found overwhelming support for traditional marriage. In fact, in 26 polls conducted in those 13 states, only one showed the pro-gay marriage opinion winning. That was in Michigan, in a Sept. 13 Gallup poll that had those opposed to the gay marriage amendment at 51 percent and those for it at 45 percent. But four other polls conducted in September and August showed majority support for the ban.

What does this tell us? Nothing we don’t already know: Gay marriage is being forced on us by a liberal media, activist judges, and homosexual extremists who are trying to convince us that “every right-thinking individual” supports gay marriage. The reality is that even in the most liberal places in the country, the average person recognizes the reality right in front of their face: You can dress it up all you want, but you can’t change the fundamental meaning of a foundational element of society like marriage.

You can read the polling data in this PDF.

  • Dom,

    In Louisiana the amendment was tossed by a judge yesterday. It is obvious that we the people are mistaken and need to be told what is right by – what – 10 or 20 men and women (called Judges) who actually rule the entire country.


  • The poll numbers in Massachusetts were about 70% against.  This fact drove the advcates into their back-door stategy of using the Supreme Court Chief, the pre-arranged Goodrich lawsuit, and the Chief’s NYTimes-employed hubby.

    Public schools this Fall are now teaching our children that men can marry men.