Super Bowl hangover, or is it depression?

Super Bowl hangover, or is it depression?

I suppose a Super Bowl post-mortem would be appropriate, since I’ve done one every time the Patriots won.

First, I want to congratulate New York Giants fans. Yours was the better team last night. The Patriots were merely mortal and Tom Brady was not his usual stellar self, but that aside, the Giants defense was explosive and aggressive against a porous Pats offensive line and the Giants offense scored when it counted.

In the previous 18 games this season, the Patriots had some lucky breaks—last-minute penalties, lucky bounces, incredible catches—that they didn’t get on Sunday and thus they were denied a definitive statement of their uniqueness among football teams. Nevertheless, they still accomplished a lot this season. Among their superlatives is the only 18-win season and the best offense ever.

And there aren’t many footballs fans who can say that the first time they experience their team lose in a season happened in February.

It was a good season that I wished could have ended better. And, again, congratulations to the New York Giants and their fans.

P.S. It was mighty subdued in my office today.


Written by
Domenico Bettinelli