Sue the police?

Sue the police?

When are the lawyers going to start suing the police for their “conspiracy” with the Archdiocese of Boston in failing to arrest pervert priests? The Boston Globe reports on another case of a priest picked up by police who they let go after talking with the archdiocese.

    After it received back-channel warnings from police about the Rev. Arthur P. O’Leary, church officials warned O’Leary in 1985 that he was under surveillance. He promised to stay away from the rest stops, church records made public yesterday show.

    But within months he returned, according to the records. ‘‘Arrest will be made if we don’t do something,’’ said a church memo.

    O’Leary’s case is at least the fourth in which once-secret archdiocesan files show law enforcement authorities deferring to the church over matters of clergy sexual misconduct.

Oh by the way, he wasn’t meeting women in these rest stops. I think the Globe forgets to mention that. Wouldn’t want you to think that homosexuality has anything to do with the Scandal.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli