Stupid spammers

Stupid spammers

How stupid do spammers think I am? (Obviously very) When I get an email with the subject line of “Hi Dom xmdhskdjhfjhlaa” do you think I might be tipped off that the garbage after my name indicates it’s a spam? Or am I supposed to infer that the sender had a stroke while typing the email and I’d better open it make sure you recovered? Or perhaps it’s a message from a heretofore unknown alien race trying to communicate in their weird language.

Thank God for spam filtering programs. If you use a Mac, the one to have—by far—is SpamSieve. It works like a charm because it learns what kind of spam, you receive. Only rarely does any spam get by it. And I get a lot of it, like a hundred or more a day. Stupid spammers.

  • It looks good, Dom, but you need OS X! Alas, I’ve only OS 9 and I’m not sure that the upgrade to 10 is worth it.

    On the other hand, I really, really, REALLY understand that…“Size does matter” wink

  • Kelly,

    I’ve been OS X only for 18 months. I still use OS9 programs, but in the Classic layer. There is steep upgrade curve in getting all your important software OS X native, but once you do you realize how good it is. (Granted, your Mac should be under two years old, but I do have OS X on an original iMac.)

    The best part is that when one program is all bound up calculating something, I’ll just switch to another program while I wait. No, I take that back. The best part is that when a program crashes, you just start it right back up again. It doesn’t bring down your whole computer and you don’t have to reboot because of lingering instability. Nice!

    Take the plunge!

    As for the size does matter thing, I have come to the conclusion from the spam I get that all Americans are concerned with the size of their various organs that they believe are important for attracting the opposite sex. Is there such a thing as normal and natural anymore? Could it be that none of that really matters in a real relationship? Shallow!!!