Stopping Planned Parenthood’s sex ed curriculum in Mass.

Stopping Planned Parenthood’s sex ed curriculum in Mass.

There was a big turnout last week for the hearing in the Mass. State House on a proposed health education curriculum that is full of liberal ideology and questionable morality. I talked about it previously. Now the Mass. Catholic Conference is urging citizens to contact the legislative committee members and ask them to kill it.

The committee now must decide what to do with the bill before the mid-March deadline for reporting bills out of committee. People in the grassroots need to persuade the committee to reject it. The bill would make lessons on such issues as sexuality, abortion, and birth control part of the core public school curriculum.  Currently, local public school committees are not required to include sexuality education in their curricula. The bill would force every primary and secondary public school to adopt a standardized curriculum created by the Massachusetts Department of Education and backed by Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts.

The curriculum is available online so you can read it for yourself.

The link above provides suggested content of a letter as well as contact information for committee members and a way to find out how to contact your representative.

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  • so, they add the phrase “including abstinence” to each phase, and that’s supposed to make it OK?

    I love this one for preK-5 year olds:

    4.2 Identify the physical changes as related to the reproductive system during puberty.

    Can you image the dinner conversation:

    “What did you learn in school today, Johnny?”


    Homeschool FOREVER!!!!

  • First of all, I must say I am relieved to know this deals with the state of Massachusettes and not Mass. When I first read the title, I couldn’t believe Planned Parenthood was so bold as to invade our liturgy! Seriously though, public schools have no business teaching sex education. This is the job of parents. Parents are way too willing to abdicate their role to the schools. I opt my children out of the school sex ed program. The time they spend in a study hall is far better spent than the time they would spend listening to “morally neutral” drivel.