St. Bambi

St. Bambi

It takes all kinds. Two college students chained themselves to the front doors of the chancery in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York, because the diocese had authorized a deer hunt on church property. The hunt was approved for the grounds of Immaculate Conception Seminary, coinciding with a culling in Caumsett State Park.

The deer population was overgrowing its bounds and so there was a marked increase in the number of car accidents with the animals in the area. Aside from the idiocy of protesting the hunt, since it is arguably more humane to shoot them with a bullet than to let them get run over by a car, these two “rocket scientists” decided to play amateur theologian.

“We’re appealing to members of the diocese who respect God’s teachings of love and compassion of all creatures to halt the inhumane deer killing,” Deirdre Guelke, a Hunter College student from Queens, said in a statement before her arrest.

Hmm, I’m not familiar with that Scripture. Where exactly does it say we need to show “love and compassion to all creatures” such that we should not kill them? Because I remember many places in the Bible where God commanded animal sacrifices. Jesus even—horrors!—killed and ate fish, even after the Resurrection.

The supreme irony is that these two are students at Hunter College. Heh.

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  • “I don’t for a moment believe that the current state of affairs is what God intended from the beginning.”

    Obviously not. But then Eve had to go and listen to that serpent and pluck the forbidden fruit….

  • And just what was the proverbial righteous man going to do with his animals to whom he has shown compassion? It doesn’t say he’s not going to kill and eat them. It means he should be humane to them before he uses them as he needs.

    God did not permit human beings to eat animal flesh until man’s corruption brought about the Flood and its aftermath.  In the Garden both man and animals were commanded to eat plants.

    No, he didn’t. Nowhere in Genesis does it say that God commanded Adam and Eve to eat plants. Neither does it say that man didn’t eat meat until after the Flood.

    It says He gave them plants for food, but it doesn’t say He gave them only plants for food. What it does say is that He gave them dominion over all animals.

    Besides, we don’t live in the Garden of Eden. We live in a fallen world. By your criteria we should all be walking around naked too.

    Also, that other cultures practiced animal sacrifice is irrelevant since God commanded it directly.

    If people want to be vegetarians, that’s one thing. But don’t try to claim that this is dogma.

  • “I sure wouldn’t want to be treated by God the way some animals suffer at human hands.”

    Christine, I wouldn’t want to be treated by God the way some HUMANS suffer at human hands.

    We’re straining at gnats, here.  These deer face a horrific fate.  Have you ever come upon a deer that has starved to death due to overpopulation?  How about come upon a herd that has dropped from disease?  No?  It makes me sick to my stomach.  There are no predators to keep the population in check, deer breed with no checks, and voila… instant deer disaster.

    I am an avid hunter.  I have already filled my tags this year, but may luck out in a lottery draw and get to bag one more.  The other four are either in my freezer, or at the butchers.  I eat the meat, I tan the hides, and I grind the bones to enrich my garden.

    These NY deer are looking at a quick death by gun, or a slow and lingering death by disease/starvation.  Unless, of course, they are “lucky” enough to get hit by a car.  Yeah.  Hunting is cruel.  The meat is not wasted and the herd is maintained.  What’s the problem?