Sports talk

Sports talk

If you look at the banner up top, you’ll notice that among the blog topics listed is sports. In the past I’ve done more sports talk than I do now, but I got away from it a bit. I think I’ll be doing some more of that again, just for the sake of variety and because I like to talk about my favorite sports.

If that doesn’t float your boat, then just skip over them—I’ll still be blogging about all the usual subjects as well—but if you’re interested in NASCAR, NFL (especially the New England Patriots), or baseball (especially the Red Sox), you may find something you’ll like.

  • For what it is worth…I enjoy minor league baseball from a family outing perspective. There is a single A team here, San Jose Giants, and it is fun for the kids. One does not have to pay through the nose for tickets, though all the good, healthy grub can add up quickly. My son got a foul ball last game…darn thing was made in China.

  • I like minor league ball too. We often attend Portland Pirates (AA Red Sox affiliate) games when we’re visiting my mom in Maine and I’ve written about the experience here before. I think it’s a much purer form of the sport.

  • I am making all my Red Sox fan friends read the article about Pedro Martinez’s devotion to gardening today. Thats right GARDENING. Front page of the NY Times.

    Of course the back page of the Post has this headline regarding the upcoming Yanks-Sox series:

    “DROP PAPI!”

    Time to throw waay inside to the guy….

  • Yes, I do. Now I know why that sounded strange to me when I wrote. Of course the Sea Dogs.

    I’m in the early stages of advanced senility. Now where did I put my walker?

  • tkozal –

    I resisted the temptation to come back at you yesterday.  Even wrote my response and thought better of it.

    Thank you, BOSOX, for responding for me!  14-3

    The only thing the Big Unit was throwing were meatballs.

  • Umm, where does my post say I am a Yankees fan…I’m not. The projection of Red Sox fans is so bad, that they project their Yankee hatred at the mere mention of the other team.

    I’m a Pedro Martinez fan. That is what one can distill from my post.

    Imus this AM was hilarious about the Yankees, during the sports report, Chris carlin would keep coming back to the Yankees, he did it 4-5 times. “And the Yankees were destroyed by the Red Sox”. And now Georgy S is all upset at A-Rod!