I suppose I should have blogged about the Red Sox wonderful World Series win already but: (1) I’m still exhausted from staying up late watching it and (2) I don’t have much to add. It’s not like I watched a lot of games this season, being distracted and all.

Yet, it’s good to see them win. This time is different from 2004 because there isn’t the whiff of desperation of eight decades of losing and because this year’s team looks ready to build on this success. This is a young team looking to build on its future.

As for the Colorado Rockies and their fans, they are a class act, just like the St. Louis Cardinals and their fans in 2004— and not at all like those Denver Broncos and their fans. grin Seriously, what the Rockies accomplished cannot be underestimated and they provided an object lesson for the future that an eight-day layoff is a danger not to be underestimated.

Tomorrow is the big victory parade in Boston. Gerald Augustinus happens to be in town this week—good timing!—and while I won’t be able to connect with him unfortunately, I think he’ll be able to get some great photos of the parade. Good for him! Can’t wait to see them.

And so the offseason begins, where talks turns to trades and contracts. By the way, nice of A Rod’s agent, Scott Boras, to horn in on the World Series spotlight yesterday to make himself the center of attention again. He’s a very talented ballplayer, but I hope the Sox don’t pick him up. I’d rather see Mike Lowell stay right at third base in a Red Sox uniform.

So, how ‘bout dem Patriots? I hear they have a big game this week.

  • I have to say that I think I’ve enjoyed this season more than any other in the 40+ years that I’ve been following the Sox. 

    Pedroia (and later Ellsbury) have been great fun to watch, and Lester’s come back after cancer treatment is just a great and inspirational story.  I especially like the way he shuns any suggestion of heroism on his part. 

    And what can you say about a leader like Mike Lowell?  I hope the Sox can keep him, but I also hope he gets the recognition and compensation that a player of his stature should command. 

    When it was all on the line, everyone delivered. 

    This was a very well-constructed team on all fronts. 

    Truly, a season to savor.

  • My opinion?  You’re not gonna like this, but here goes: We live in a real sick society where we pay these guys millions-upon-millions of dollars to provide us with entertainment.

    And all this in the Archdiocese of Boston, where what, maybe 20%  of Catholics bother to attend Mass on Sunday?  Where Tom Brady has 2 multi-million dollar condo on Comm Ave plus one in NYC.  Where in the Metro Boston area there are approximately 6000 people who don’t have homes (AKA The Homeless!!).

    What do you think Jesus Christ will say to us when
    we stand before him to be judged?

  • Bernardo—

    Do we live in a sick society?

    Yep, we sure do.  It’s because of man’s fallen nature. 

    Am I sinning by watching a Red Sox game?  By enjoying and appreciating the players’ God-given talent? 

    I don’t think so.