Sophia’s second day

Sophia’s second day

That was easier than the first time. I mean her first night. Maybe we’re just more used to interrupted sleep and crying babies.

So yesterday the doctor decided to go in the for the C-section, which Melanie was unhappy about, but it turned out okay. She’s feeling much better at this point than she did last time. She’s in a lot less pain and is even able to get up and walk to the bathroom and back (with assistance). She’s still dizzy from blood loss, but quickly regaining her strength. Right now she’s just very tired.

Sophia is doing very well. She’s nursing much better than Bella did at first which has a lot to do with Melanie’s experience as well as physical changes from first child to second. There are no issues to speak of; no jaundice, nothing in the lungs or anything like that. At the inputs and outputs are functioning and the little one seems constantly hungry.

If everything goes well we hope to have them both home Friday or Saturday.

Isabella came into meet her sister this morning and to see us for the first time. She’s been a real trooper, not giving her grandma any fussing about mommy or daddy being gone so long. She just says, “mommy, daddy, doctors.” Upon meeting her sister, she kept repeating, “baby, crying” even when she wasn’t. Looks like she’s had some experience. But she’s also totally enamored. Even when we were out walking in the hall, she would say over and over, “‘Phia, ‘Phia.”

This afternoon’s plan was for me to bring Isabella home, give her some lunch, and then put her down for a nap. Unfortunately, she fell asleep in the car and nothing will wake her at that point, but she will probably only sleep for 45 minutes instead of her usual 2-1/2 hours. Oh well. I’ll try to get a shower in during that time I guess.

More pictures soon.