Something for all Americans to consider

Something for all Americans to consider

There has been a lot of debate, back and forth, often with good will on either side, about the justice and prudence of the current war. That said, with hostilities underway, the words of Stephen Decatur ring true for me as the attitude of a true patriot, not those who claim to be patriotic even as they vilify their country:

    My country, right or wrong. When wrong, to be set right; when right, to be kept right. But right or wrong, my country.”

So, whether right or wrong, love your country—which by the way doesn’t mean you have to love the current government. Love and uphold the highest ideals on which she was founded and her people. I hope there are lots of Iraqi soldiers who love their country and hope for her “wrong to be set right.”

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli