Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Can you tell me the difference between the thinking behind these two statements?

  • From the Democratic Underground:

    except in the minds of those swayed by US propaganda. It is about land, resources, and power. But there is one thing you touched which may be in a way be correct. “This goal is… about the lives of our sons and daughters over there right now.” They may not however be those you have in mind (different goals for different folks).

    The score in the bottom of the first is still: Before their war was won = 138. After their mission accomplished = 317 more, Total young land of the free and home of the brave heroes just following orders = 455 not counting dying among 2,577 wounded.). Iraqi men, women, and children evil doers massacred = 9,766. Those seeking vengeance for sake of family and invaded homeland honor = most. Years for Viet Cong to come together = several. Time for Iraqi resistance to build = damned near immediate. Have a nice day.

  • “Jihadists sad at Saddam capture”:
    After the announcement of Saddam’s capture, reports the Jewish newssite, Islamic Jihad leader Nafiz Azam said: “The Palestinian people are sad today because the Americans achieved something. But what happened today will not spare the Americans the ambushes they are experiencing. The Iraqi resistance will continue.”

They both express the hope that the capture of Saddam is not a victory for America and both proceed from the assumption that America is what’s wrong with the world and that brutal mass murderer Saddam Hussein is the good guy. I expect that from Palestinian terrorists. I suppose I should expect it from the Angry Left.

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  • Yikes.

    I can’t, no way, no how, wish that the dictator had done himself in! Come on, wishing somebody killed himself? I don’t think so.

    By the way, Domenico, the “Democratic Underground” is some site, isn’t it? Good grief…scary!

    In other news: this commenter reports that there’s absolutely no confirmation of the rumor that Johnny Cochran has been retained as the defendant’s attorney.