SNAP wants what it can’t have

SNAP wants what it can’t have

Fr. Fox says SNAP has zero credibility and I agree. In Cincinnati, a pervert priest has been laicized by the Vatican, but SNAP isn’t happy.

“Strittmatter still poses a threat to children,” SNAP said. “His defrocking does not mean that he has been ‘fixed.’

“It simply means that Archbishop Pilarczyk can now officially ‘wash his hands’ of him from now on.”

And if he hadn’t been laicized, do you think SNAP would be lauding the archdiocese? What exactly does SNAP want dioceses to do with pervert priests? Are we supposed to construct ecclesiastical jails and imprison these guys for life?

What they’re asking for is much more than they can demand from any segment of society. If someone who’s not a Catholic priest commits sexual abuse, who is watching him? If he has been criminally prosecuted, he would have to register on the sex offender registry, just like a priest would. And if Joe Six-Pack hasn’t been prosecuted for whatever reason, he’s free to move about on his own. SNAP is demanding of the Church something that even the US government can’t give: absolute control over someone credibly accused of abuse.

This is America. If you haven’t been prosecuted, you’re free from being compelled to do anything. Apparently SNAP wants to live in a police state.

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