Sit down and be quiet

Sit down and be quiet

It’s nice to see nothing has changed while I was gone. A gay man disrupted Mass at a Boston-area parish on Sunday morning. This actually happened in the parish where I grew up, St. John the Evangelist, in Canton, Mass. After the homily, the pastor, Fr. Michael Doyle, showed an eight-minute homily from the Massachusetts Catholic Conference about the gay marriage debate, which the state Constitutional Convention will take up again tomorrow.

  • I’m not sure getting people OUT of the Church is what Christ had in mind. I think converting hearts and minds IN the Church is more what he wants. Of course, that then puts the onus on us to witness to the Truth to those who are in ignorance.

  • What a shining example of true catholic values that he disrupted the mass of all things to “grand-stand”. What a horses patoot!!