Shut up so I can have my free speech or I’ll tackle you

Shut up so I can have my free speech or I’ll tackle you

Mark Shea points to this story about Al Franken getting medieval on a heckler. I hope the guy sues this blowhard. Franken even went so hard as to claim that he was protecting the freedom of speech! Evidently not everyone’s freedom of speech, but then this is the guy who doesn’t think Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh should be allowed to speak either.

What makes this different from criminal assault? One news report I saw said Franken tackled the guy as he was being escorted out. Is this what we can expect from the Angry Left that the Dems have been courting this election cycle?

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  • Yeah, but PMC the point is you DIDN’T knock down the hecklers. Franken did.

    You might have a problem with shouting down a speaker, but apparently you respect (weird word, I know) the shouter’s right to do so without having you bopping him upside the head.

    Franken doesn’t, apparently.

    Violence isn’t A Good Thing. And so I say to Al: “can’t we just all get along? You big fat idiot?” wink