Sex and sushi

Sex and sushi

Who knew that sushi would provide a good example for explaining the Catholic teaching on sex? That’s what new Catholic Dawn Eden does as she rebuts some very unhappy feminists who think she’s just turning into an old maid because rather than enjoying all the sex she can get today she’s saving her self for the husband that God may have in mind for her. And even if he doesn’t intend for her to get married, she’s still happier being chaste.

Put it this way: Suppose you discovered sushi for the first time and fell in love with the taste of it — except the only sushi place you knew was a really cheap place that left the raw fish out so long that you got food poisoning every time you ate it.

And suppose you knew, from billions of trustworthy reports, as well as a voice that was in your heart, that somewhere out there was a phenomenal sushi restaurant, the best ever, that — wonder of wonders — wouldn’t make you sick?

Would you keep eating the delicious but sickening sushi, knowing that the more you ate it, the harder it would be to forget its sickening aftereffects once you had the real sushi?

Maybe you would. Maybe you’d tell yourself that’s better to enjoy superficial pleasure that poisons you, then to hold out for the elusive real thing and risk never having even the superficial pleasure.

Incidentally, while reading the example, I couldn’t help but think of that Washington Mutual ad featuring the guy stuffing his mouth full of “day old sushi!!” on sale.

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