Serial confessionist

Serial confessionist

An Australian pervert priest claims that the seal of the confessional helped him molest kids. He said that he confessed “inappropriate boundary crossing with minors” at least 1,500 times. That has prompted people to demand that the seal of the confessional be broken.

But does anyone else find it improbable that this guy could find priests to whom he could go to confession 75 times a year, confessing the same horrible sins over and over and none of them withheld absolution until he turned himself in?

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  • Ian,

    What I found improbably was that this guy would go to confession every 5 days for 20 years without fail. It’s simply not logically possible. And I find it sacramentally improbable as well that someone would receive the grace of the sacrament so often yet would show no modification of behavior, no outward sign of interior grace bestowed.


    It’s not just priests, but all of us. We all rationalize our sins, at least at the time we commit them, otherwise we wouldn’t feel guilty later. It’s not limited to the worst sinners either. It’s the nature of the beast.