Selling off the furniture

Selling off the furniture

In principle, I have no problem with old pews or kneelers or other surplus being auctioned off or sold. But, it should be done in a manner that befits items that were once used for a sacred purpose. And some items should not be auctioned at all.

In Rochester, NY, they’re auctioning off pews, confessionals, and other items left over from the cathedral’s renovation. For one thing, there has been much dispute over the renovation itself. In my opinion, they may think twice about getting rid of confessionals. It seems many people don’t like the new “reconciliation rooms,” at least in part because it means priests will be alone in the rooms with penitents.

But there’s another reason as well. It appears that one of the confessionals was the one that was used by Archbishop Fulton Sheen when he was bishop there. Someone’s going to get a very nice relic.