Secession talk

Secession talk

At first I thought all this talk of secession by glum liberals was humor to help them get over their grief, but some people are actually talking about it seriously.

The idea isn’t just a joke; one top Democrat says, “The segment of the country that pays for the federal government is now being governed by the people who don’t pay for the federal government.”

Wait a minute, I thought that the Republican was for fat cats and the Democrats were the little people. And what is this resentment against the poor? I thought the liberals were the party of compassion and the Republicans were the hard-hearted skinflints.

If the blue states want to secede, power to them. I’ll be moving South, I guess. It would be interesting to see them try to get by without the moral fiber and hard work of all those Americans in the red states (and those of us who would move there to remain with them.)

But again, this isn’t just some academic exercise. There are people who are even half-seriously discussing this. Did the loss of this election cause a mass breakdown among liberals. I think they’ve all gone crazy. This should be an entertaining four years.

  • It is sometimes forgotten that the first secession movement in this country was centered in New England and was concerned with what the NE’s saw as unfair trade policy favoring the more aquaculture states. 

    As for this current silliness, I think that the Dem leadership bares full responsibility for letting nuts like Moore steal their party.  They tolerated lots of crazy paranoia because they thought it would help them rack in more votes and energize their base to the pitch of fanaticism – it did.  It also encouraged vast numbers of GOP voters to see Kerry as a danger to the republic.  So now what are the Ted Kenney’s and John Kerry’s of the Democratic Party doing to calm their overheated minions?  Nothing!  So this is the patriotism and statesmanship of these clowns: they would rather see the country racked with treasonous dissention then to give up some specious and transitory political “advantage”.  Thank God they lost!

  • Most of the people who voted for John Kerry are not going to jump on the secession band wagon.  They may have made the wrong choice, but they are not nuts.

    Even in many of the blue states, there are larger swaths of red representing the Bush counties.  Much of Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota went for Bush.  The Democrats are pretty much urbanized and it would be a truly quaint gerrymandering feat to devise their own country.

    People from the Chicago area would have to fly out over a “foreign” country to get back to their own native soil.

    What is truly scary is just how nuts many of the Democrats really are.

  • This is soooo funny.  Where’s the compassion dems? I can just imagine the conversation at the country clubs and cocktail parties:

    “Why I can’t believe those ungrateful simpleton, inbred, redneck, red-staters.  Who do they think they are?  Don’t they know how dependent they are on us?  Why we ought to secede and teach em a lesson.  Without our intellect, creativity, and compassion, they’ll be drooling all over themselves.”

    “Capital idea Rochester, capital.”  But what are we going to do about food? You know those simpletons do have alot of farmland.”

    “Er, uh, well, …..yes, Thurston, quite right, quite right.  Well, in that case let’s just threaten to secede shall we.  That’ll scare the pants off ‘em.  Ha Ha Ha. 

    “Oh Rochester, you are a devil”

  • I heard tonite on CNBC early evening news—their discussion about secession-because the “red states” are draining the “blue” (that doesn’t just mean their blood is blue too does it?). 
    No more MONEY TO THE RED STATES?They are leaching off the blue states and he believes something should be done.  I happen to be in a “red state” and according to Lawrence O’Donnell—“Alabama is a POVERTY STRICKEN STATE”!  WOW!  Where can I get a helping hand now?  Where are my catholic, peace ‘n justice, friends now?! Are these people serious? REALLY?

    Dom you can come to B’ham—we 3% Catholics will take care of you and all those that feel the need to move from those blue states.  Gosh- we’re considered a “missionary state” too!

  • Seceding so they can keep killing their own babies?  I don’t think we Americans can allow that. 

    After all, we didn’t allow them [meaning Democrats] to do it for slavery.

  • KAP, I’d take EWTN studios over all of New York and Hollywood any day.

    Best news of all: we’d get a new bishops’ conference.

  • I live in a Blue State. I’d be willing to support a secession, because I could move to a Red State. But I think the Red Staters should absolutely insist on one condition for Blue-State secession: it will be understood by all parties that police, firefighters, and military personnel will be allowed freely to choose which country they want to call home. I think we all know where most of them would want to go……..

  • “favoring the more aquaculture states. “

    Personally I enjoyed aquaculture better. They do seem to be floundering and drowning in self-pity, don’t they?

    I’m proud to say that I live in the red state of TEXAS! There’s plenty of room for “red” refugees here, plus you’d get a royal welcome, particularly if our own blues (Yankee transplants, most of ‘em) replace you in the blue!

    Robin L. in TX

  • A buddy of mine has been saying for years that the Blue states ought to secede.  But what is interesting to me as a conservative is why things are not worse in say San Francisco. The most liberal city in one of the more liberal states – you’d think it would be in worse shape. But it still seems to function.

  • It may be true that Blue America subsidizes Red America but it’s certainly true that income and education correlate strongly with voting Republican.  I would favor succession if there were an exchange of populations.  We in Ohio will be glad to take all the Boston/NYC cops and firefighters if we could relocate the Indian reservations,  urban lumpenproletariat and other groups that vote Democrat to Kerryland.

  • My daughter debunks this fiction that the blue states subsidize the red states by breaking the data down by county:

    She didn’t deal with the crime stats between the blue and highly-populated counties and the red counties, but you can guess the results, can’t you?

    The few times a year that I drive through Chicago’s streets, the people I see wandering the streets do not look like “movers-and-shakers.”  Funny too that our suburban parishes subsidize the urban parishes.  How come if they are filled with wealthy taxpayers?