Sash-ayers thank Mahony

Sash-ayers thank Mahony

The Rainbow Sashay-ers have admitted that the wearing of the sash is a political tool designed to get recalcitrant bishops to sanction their perversity. They have thanked Cardinal Roger Mahony for welcoming them and said they didn’t wear their sashes in thanks. If that isn’t a clear indication of their purposes, I don’t know what is.

The thanks for Mahony is a far-cry from when they called for his resignation. Payoff? You decide.

Meanwhile check out the comments on this entry for the firsthand account of one of the men who stood up for the sanctity of the Eucharist in Minneapolis.

Update: Fixed last link.

  • That last link—the comment link—isn’t working for me.

    As for the not wearing the sashes where they were welcomed… hmmm.  Sounds like a juvenile tactic to me.  Reminds me of the “Gotcha” some parents play when they say “If you didn’t ask me, I would’ve got it for you.  Isn’t that too bad?”

    I thought the stated point of the sashes was to increase visibility.  This just shows they’re the latest group to throw a hissy fit because they want it their way.  For crying out loud, if you want it Your Way, start your own church … that’s how the Protestans got started.

  • I do see how much respect RSM has for the Bishop of Rochester.  He is Bishop CLARK, not Bishop Hart….or is that a Freudian slip….

  • See the RSA flip…see the RSA flop….see the RSA flip-flop!  I’d like to see these guys and gals try to pull this off at the Vatican……………boy would I love to see that!!  ….I’m depressed…the news tonite aoubt one federal judge overturning the Congress and the President on p.b.a. is sickening……we really are in a second civil war……