Same story, different day

Same story, different day

This is a very strange article from Sunday’s Boston Globe. I can’t tell whether it’s an opinion piece or news reporting. What we have is yet another in a series of articles in the Globe portraying the Church as a big bad bully for closing these parishes that are all so alive. Yes, they’re all so alive that less than 20 percent of Catholics in the area actually go to Mass on Sunday.

Listen to how the reporter portrays the parish, using snarky tones to deride orthodoxy, making it seem that parishes were chosen for closure based on whether they were liberal or not.

St. Pius is Archbishop Sean P. O’Malley’s kind of church. It adheres strictly to Catholic orthodoxy, and parishioners describe themselves as traditional and conservative. It still has altar railings, and its pastor hears confession before every Mass. There is no outspoken priest at the helm, no pesky Voice of the Faithful chapter.

Well, that’s a bad assumption. Parishes were not chosen based on those criteria as I’ve shown several times. Now I will admit that the cluster selection process was flawed, as it resulted in some parishes being chosen based on irrelevant criteria and politicking. But the subsequent levels of decision-making were supposed to compensate for that.