Sailing under a full moon

Sailing under a full moon

Reuters cracks me up. They report breathlessly that nine women plan to pretend at ordination and the news service acts as if this is a big deal.

Nine North American Catholic women will be ordained priests or deacons next month in what will amount to a test of Pope Benedict’s determination to enforce the Vatican’s ban on women’s ordination.

This is a test of nothing. Is a Palestinian burning an American flag a test of the United States’ resolve in Iraq? Not unless you’re a pointy-headed journalist who specializes in making mountains out of molehills in order to push an agenda and create drama where none exists. The whole thing reads like a parody.

In a further challenge to Vatican orthodoxy, the women may be married, divorced or remarried—“as long as they’re in a stable relationship or are a stable person,” said U.S. activist Judith Johnson, who is organizing the ordination.

I think by the very act of going through this charade they are showcasing instability. But this is no challenge to orthodoxy because this is not a sacrament. If that hypothetical Palestinian above decalres war on the US subsequent to his flagburning is that a further challenge to the US?

The height of their delusion is proven by their thinking that sailing on the St. Lawrence River means they’re in international waters. There is no neutral zone between the US and Canada. If you’re not in the US, you’re in Canada and vice versa. They don’t explain why they have to be in international waters. Maybe that’s where the tinfoils hats are most effective at foiling the Vatican’s mind-control scanners.

And who’s doing this “ordaining”? Why, two women who say they were ordained bishops a couple of years ago by real bishops “in good standing with Rome.” Of course, why didn’t I think of that? Even if that were true, by definition (1) those bishops ceased to be in good standing by attempting an invalid ordination and (2) you can’t be ordained a bishop if you can’t be ordained a priest.

I’m not going to expend any more thought on these people. They’re worth a laugh and your pity and that’s about it. After all, reality doesn’t appear to be their friend.

  • They don’t want to be clearly in one specific diocese, lest the local ordinary handle the case himself by pronouncing sanctions on them (the offense is “simulating a sacrament”).  That wouldn’t give them the attention they’re dying to have.  It’s not sufficient to throw the tantrum, one must try to make sure Daddy notices it.

    Anyway, if they want to be clearly in international waters, they should conduct their ceremony on a ferry between Bar Harbor and Yarmouth. 

    Curiously, they appear to be engaging in discrimination with their all-female cast.  Don’t these gals have any male followers who want to be priests?  No?  I wonder why.

  • Row, row, row the boat,
    Crazy down the stream!
    Verily, verily, verily, verily,
    We’re living out our dream!

    That’s the thing for us!
    We want lots of silly press,
    So we make this fuss!

  • I read the Reuters story and also the propaganda on the Women’s ordination site assuring the world of the validity of the two ordaining Bishopess’ ordination.  It seems that these gals haven’t taken their basic sacramental theology class, since they seem to forget that there is more to a sacrament than just form.  Matter is key, and the don’t have proper matter.

    It is really sad though that these people think that they are acting within the Church—with out a doubt the fault of the bishops who coddle them.

  • Maybe thatstiri of the Fresno, California, diocese? (See previous blog entries: 1, 2, 3)

    Short version: His parishioners in Merced, California, complained to their bishop that he was heterodox and causing problems in their parish. The bishop ignored them. In fact, he rebuked them for defamation of character and causing scandal. Then the parishioners called in Roman Catholilc Faithful, which discovered that Fr. Lastiri was apparently living a double life as a Catholic priest and cruiser of gay dating web sites and gay vacation spots. Finally, Bishop John Steinbock had to pull him from his parish. Off he went to one of the famous rehab spas for priests who “violate boundaries”a scandal to those faithful priests and bishops who really do shepherd their flocks.