Sacred Music degree program

Sacred Music degree program

Speaking of Steubenville, here’s news from Brian Murphy that Franciscan University is creating a new Bachelor of Arts degree program in Sacred Music.

Franciscan University of Steubenville is pleased to announce the creation of a Bachelor of Arts in Sacred Music to begin in the fall of 2007. The degree may be pursued in either the program in voice or the program in organ. Pianists may audition for the program in organ on the piano. Courses will include private instruction on the major instrument, music theory, music history, conducting and a year-long course in Gregorian Chant. In addition, students will participate in the Schola Cantorum Franciscana, which concentrates on polyphony and chant and sings for occasional services on and off campus.

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  • This person spent their Holy Week Masses videotaping the Steubenville liturgies in order to post an “expose” on YouTube?

    I was a little uncomfortable with the BarneyMass Halloween video from Orange but figured that the person doing the taping was able to go to Mass elsewhere that weekend. But it’s not like you can go to more than one Easter Vigil Mass.

  • I don’t know the circumstances of how that video was made, nor do I know the motive.

    I do know that he could very well have attended Mass at other places, for instance St. Peter in downtown Steubenville.

    With that said, I do think that the liturgy at Franciscan Univ. is unfortunate, and I pray that it changes.

  • I went to the Easter Vigil Masses at FUS. There’s no way anyone attended another one on the same day. Fr. Giles Dimock often warned us theology students to be careful of turning into a sacramental SWAT team rather than worshipers.

  • Dom,
    you’re right that you can’t go to another Easter Vigil Mass, but since you are not obligated to go to an Easter Vigil Mass if you are going to Easter Day Mass, I don’t know how this is that different from the Barney incident.

    And it’s a lot easier to resist the temptation to turn into a “sacramental SWAT team” if the liturgies are done completely according to the rubrics and consistent with the various instructions on the liturgy that have been issued by the Church.

    CWNews had an article a while back that basically said that your brain cannot give itself to adoration/worship and critical examination at the same time, it can only do one or the other. It went on to say that when things go on at Mass that you know or suspect aren’t supposed to happen, like when the Celebrant changes the words or there is some other weirdness, the critical part of your brain turns on and it interferes with your ability to worship God.

  • I am so happy to see this!  With a kid in college, I can’t help looking ahead with the other four.  My oldest son goes to the Marines in June (please pray for his safety), so the next up is my 8th grade daughter, who began to study the organ last summer.  She is my (very) musical kid; the organ is her fourth instrument.  I knew there was a good program at Holy Cross, which has the advantage of being close to home—but lacks so much in the way of being a Catholic college.  Now I have hope that there will be a choice…

    Doesn’t CUA also have a good sacred music program?