Rod and Orthodoxy

Rod and Orthodoxy

I will only comment on this briefly because it really is no one else’s business. Journalist Rod Dreher, who I count as a friend—he and his wife had me and Melanie and Melanie’s sister to their home for dinner a couple years ago—has announced that he has converted from Catholicism to Orthodoxy. He goes into an explanation at length on his own blog, so I won’t rehash it here. It should go without saying that I disagree with Rod’s reasoning, but then if I didn’t disagree I wouldn’t be Catholic either.

What’s quite disturbing is how this became public. A disturbed individual who is nearly a cyberstalker wrote to the Orthodox parish in Dallas to ask the priest if Rod was now Orthodox and the priest—imprudently, in my opinion—replied in the affirmative. This isn’t anyone’s business, but this busybody has had a burr under his saddle for a long time about Rod. He’s shown up here several times, always riding his hobby horse. I’ve even received a number of private emails from this guy that make me question his stability. I’m not sure why Rod has become the special target of his ire since he’s far from the only Catholic journalist to have criticized the Church. But then I find it difficult to understand why certain other individuals have set up a group blog focused on attacking Rod, not just disagreeing with his “Crunchy Con” thesis, which would be one thing, but to attack him personally.

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