Review of the reconfiguring

Review of the reconfiguring

This should be interesting. Boston Archbishop Sean O’Malley announced today that he’s setting up an external review committee to review the parish closing process and make recommendations for the future. Sounds pretty open-ended to me.

The archbishop says, “I hope that an assessment of the past by this committee will lead them to make suggestions that will help us to improve the process.” So this isn’t just about after the parishes are closed, but about the closings that are going on now. I wonder if this is a “crisis response” to the protests.

In any case, the members are your typical “leading light” businessmen and academics: A VP of Blue Cross Blue Shield, an advertising executive, a banker, a Catholic college president, a pastor, and a female pastoral associate. It will be interesting to see how this falls out.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli