Responding to eBay’s canned response

Responding to eBay’s canned response

My dear">Melanie, offers a heartfelt and very strong response to eBay’s canned message to Catholics that basically says of our objections to their allowing the auction of the Eucharist: “Get over it.”

You hide behind “diversity” as if it were a magic word that makes everything ok. While you decide which people are ok to offend and define some areas as off-limits. You won’t let people sell items with images of the Twin Towers because that might offend people. But the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, as adored by more than a billion Catholics… well, sorry folks, you just have to understand that we can’t protect everyone’s sensibilities. Suck it up and face it. EBay doesn’t care.

  • “Suck it up and face it”?
    It’s obvious to us that eBay doesn’t care, but it is not obvious to eBay that WE CARE.
    Have you all signed that on line petition? Have you written anyone that could help? Again, and again?
    “With God, anything is possible”

  • Yes, we are doing what we can. Since I signed the petition, I’ve been monitoring it; it gives me a warm feeling to watch the numbers go up.

    But in watching the petition, I’ve become concerned that it is currently undergoing a lot of trial, as people spam it with false signatures that read “Deer Hunter” or “Fiscal Policy” or other stupid nonsense, over and over and over again. Or worse, people who sign on just to jeer at the rest of us, to taunt and make rude remarks.

    I feel a lot for the woman who put that petition up and is trying very hard to keep it clean. With more than 26 thousand singatures, that’s a lot to wade through to get rid of the troublemakers. I’ve e-mailed her and she is doing the best she can, but she is only one person, and there are a lot of false signatures. It doesn’t take a lot of people to mess it up, which is what I think they are hoping to do: clog it up and eBay won’t pay it any attention. I wish there was something I could do to help keep it clean.

    I’m glad you are as concerned as we are. I’m also glad that you brought the petition back up yesterday, since it had slipped down to the other page, and I’m sure there are a couple people who did not see it the first time around.

    If it isn’t obvious to eBay that we care, it is because the hundreds of petition signatures collected by various people, and the hundreds of e-mails and phone calls and suchlike aren’t yet enough. That’s why Dom keeps talking about it, and why we are working to get the word out as far as we can.

  • So, how many of you have done the only thing that really speaks to EBay? Cancel your accounts … including PayPal.

  • Not yet. I’m still trying to fill out the “Customer Service Satisfaction Survey” which I can’t do once I cancel membership. I really want to let them know what I think before I walk out their door.

  • PLEASE! What petition??? Can someone provide the URL for it? Also, I went to ebay and searched and searched and can’t find where I can contact them! (Okay, yes, I’m blind or something) Can someone give me their email so I can write to them too???

  • Well, I just spoke to the director of development for the Diocese of Worcester. He says that they are appalled by ebay’s actions. However, since it took months to set-up their relationship with Paypal with the security that they needed they can’t change on-line providers in the middle of the annual appeal, but they will terminate the relationship as soon as they can.

    I can’t decide how I feel about their response though. I understand the logistical difficulty, but I can’t help feeling that they could take a stronger stance…

    Does anyone know what other services are out there that could replace Paypal?

  • calling,
    scroll down the blog roll, Dom linked to the petition in an earlier post when it first went online. Same with info about contacting ebay.

    if you look up at the top of the main page you will see that Dom replaced his paypal with Amazon’s equlivalent service.

  • …from Dom’s earlier blog post (I couldn’t reproduce the links, but I pasted in the petition URL)

    1. Sign the online petition:

    2. Send them your complaint via their web site.

    3. Call their office either at 1-800-322-9266 or 1-888-749-3229

    4. Write eBayenes in C. S. Lewis’  Perelandra when the Un-Man is trying to wear Ransom down. At one point all he can do is keep calling Ransom’s name. Evil is never creative, it can only imitate, warp or destroy what is good.

    So by all means cancel your eBay and paypal accounts and flood eBay with phone calls, emails and letters. I hate the phone, but I’ve been doing letters and emails. But don’t write off the petition as a lost cause, encourage people to sign it if only to encourage the author in her good fight. How depressing would it be for her if only the nasty people were writing in?

  • Thanks Melanie! I signed it and cancelled my ebay and paypal accounts. I also left a message with the CEO of Paypal. I am spreading the word about this in my parish and other parishes.

  • There is a new petition online, sponsored by Eucharistic Adoration of San Antonio.

    Like I said before, I think petitions are of limited use. Contacting eBay and Paypal directly to cancel your account and register a complaint and encouraging others to do likewise will likely be much more effective. However, it would be a nice gesture to show your support.

    I am sure this petition will be found by the trolls soon enough.