Remember why we’re fighting

Remember why we’re fighting

I haven’t said much about the terrorist attack on the school in Beslan, Russia. I just got through reading an account of what happened there. It was horrific. They herded children, parents, and teachers into the gymnasium, raped the women, forced the men to barricade the building before killing them, denied water to the children so they had to drink their own urine.

It was so bad that even some of the terrorists apparently balked. When some of them realized that they were taking children hostage (it seems they weren’t informed of the target ahead of time), they began arguing amongst themselves, until the raid leader killed the terror group’s leader and then remote-detonated the suicide belts worn by two of the female terrorists in order to gain control.

This is what it’s come to. But should we be surprised? Have we so easily forgotten the terrorists of 9/11 who flew planes full of men, women, and children into buildings filled with the same? There is no difference between them. Both are groups of Muslim terrorists who believe that Allah tells them they must kill all infidels, adult or child, male or female.

  • You’re right Dom – and I can’t even read the accounts of this latest horror. I am now having a problem even thinking about taking care of the muslim women who come into my hospital to have their umpteenth child. They are very demanding patients – a cultural thing I’m told. I’m thinking about the prejudice that many Japanese and Germans apparently experienced during WW2, BUT from what I can gather those were mostly immigrants who truly loved our country and what it stood for.  I’m not seeing the same thing in this case.  Difficult for me – I think of myself as a compassionate person ….

  • I haven’t heard one condemnation of th is most barberic action from any of the so-called Islamic moderate groups….and the major media simply refuses to use the word “terroris” or Islamic terorist” in any story about this slaughter.

  • At St. Blogs Parish Hall, people would disagree. One catholic told me I should meditate on the face of Jesus if this happened to my child. Is it really Catholic teaching to be an absolute pacifist in the face of evil?  I say no.

  • It is not, and never has been, Catholic teaching to abide by barbarians.  To capitulate to barbarians is to
    1) let them go untaught.
    2) imperil Christian culture.
    3) refuse to put forth the truth.

    One shouldn’t set out to carry on with barbarians, only to teach them.  But if they refuse to be taught, and insist on violence, they must be stopped.