Remember, they don’t take a position

Remember, they don’t take a position

Voice of the Faithful’s defenders are constantly reminding us that the group doesn’t take positions on controversial issues within the Church, such as women’s ordination. In fact, they say the group is “neutral” as if someone could be neutral on the Church’s dogmatic teachings, teachings that carried anathemas if someone would have disputed them in the past.

So if VOTF is neutral, why is it we never hear anything from membership of an orthodox nature, only heterodox baloney like this, which was posted on a DC-area VOTF bulletin board:

The Greater DC Area Women’s Ordination Conference presents:
Open the Conclave: Send up Pink Smoke for Women in the Church
A prayerful action that will call attention to the lack of women’s voices in the conclave and all church decision-making.

DATE: Monday, April 18, 2005

TIME: Noon-1:00pm

LOCATION: Outside the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Washington, DC
Meet in free parking lot at corner of Harewood and Michigan Avenue
Near the Brookland/CUA Metro stop

Join WOC and progressive feminist Catholic organizations as we send up pink smoke for women and all God’s people.  On the day the Cardinals begin the closed conclave, we will call for and model an open conclave!

There will be a short prayer service, statements from Catholic reform groups, and an “Open Mic” for discussion about progressive religious issues.  While we will focus on transforming Catholic Church structures and policies, the Catholic Church—with over 1 billion members—affects people in every part of the world, so we welcome feminist and progressive voices from every religion to participate. 


  * Wear PINK clothes and feminist, progressive religious symbols, such as purple stoles and rainbow sashes
    * Bring organizational signs or your own protest signs supporting progressive feminist religious issues
    * Join the conversation and read what others are saying! Visit the Women-Church Convergence’s “Open Conclave”: [url=]