Remember, they don’t take a position

Remember, they don’t take a position

Voice of the Faithful’s defenders are constantly reminding us that the group doesn’t take positions on controversial issues within the Church, such as women’s ordination. In fact, they say the group is “neutral” as if someone could be neutral on the Church’s dogmatic teachings, teachings that carried anathemas if someone would have disputed them in the past.

So if VOTF is neutral, why is it we never hear anything from membership of an orthodox nature, only heterodox baloney like this, which was posted on a DC-area VOTF bulletin board:

The Greater DC Area Women’s Ordination Conference presents:
Open the Conclave: Send up Pink Smoke for Women in the Church
A prayerful action that will call attention to the lack of women’s voices in the conclave and all church decision-making.

DATE: Monday, April 18, 2005

TIME: Noon-1:00pm

LOCATION: Outside the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Washington, DC
Meet in free parking lot at corner of Harewood and Michigan Avenue
Near the Brookland/CUA Metro stop

Join WOC and progressive feminist Catholic organizations as we send up pink smoke for women and all God’s people.  On the day the Cardinals begin the closed conclave, we will call for and model an open conclave!

There will be a short prayer service, statements from Catholic reform groups, and an “Open Mic” for discussion about progressive religious issues.  While we will focus on transforming Catholic Church structures and policies, the Catholic Church—with over 1 billion members—affects people in every part of the world, so we welcome feminist and progressive voices from every religion to participate. 


  * Wear PINK clothes and feminist, progressive religious symbols, such as purple stoles and rainbow sashes
    * Bring organizational signs or your own protest signs supporting progressive feminist religious issues
    * Join the conversation and read what others are saying! Visit the Women-Church Convergence’s “Open Conclave”: [url=]

  • Weren’t they trying to knock down the door to the Last Supper, also.

    Oh, smell the smoke.  All about power!!!!

  • Against my better judgment, I took a gander at the site. Listed among the “Member organizations” was Frances Kissling’s CFFC. ‘Nuff said.

    As the Brits would say: ‘What rot!”

  • Last week, the Boston VOTF Chapter spokesman got 30 minutes of airtime on Jay Severin’s 96.9 FM talk show which is the #1 talk radio show in metro Boston.

    Jay was praising them to the stars even though he is a non-practicing Presbyterian somewhere to the right of Pat Buchanon in his politics.  I guess his spirituality is somewhere to the left of Frances Kissling.

    This spokesman was also seemingly non-committal on girl priests but her push for local control of parishes will lead to obvious dogmatic problems in a state that overwhelming re-elects Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry to the Senate.


  • Pink smoke. How do they do that?

    [Note to self: learn more about lipstick and *)# like that. Wait, no, forget note…remember, you look lousy in pink.]

    Thomas: Are you sure that Jay Severin is the #1 talk show in Boston? I thought Carr’s got that sewed up. (I say this, apologizing in advanace to our host on the subject of Howie.)

    Kelly <——-wondering idly if Dignity International plans on a lavender smoke ceremony wink

  • Okay. I know where I’m not going to be this Monday.

    These women really just worship themselves. I hope lots of incense and holy water is spread around the Basilica afer they leave.

  • I hope lots of incense and holy water is spread around the Basilica afer they leave.

    Deodorant probably wouldn’t hurt either, although far be it from me to appear harsh. wink

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Jay S was #1 in the Boston area.

    What is interesting about Jay having a guest on is that it occurs so rarely. He has made mention of the fact that he almost never has guests on.

    It’s also interesting bec tho he describes himself as a “libertine and libertarian,” it always seemed to me that the authoritarian nature of the Catholic Church was what appealed to him. Surprising that he’d engage VOTF.

    Regards –

  • Kelly –

    I don’t have any hard data but I’ve heard that the Boston Globe has reported him as the #1 rated show…not surprising since he on an FM station during evening drive…I cannot even get AM radio.

  • Jay Severin has been awful for the past week or more. He got his teeth into the Cardinal Law debacle and he has made ripping apart the Church the centerpiece of each show. I also cannot believe the callers who call in, very depressing. I just missed Jim Post’s visit… but I can make a good guess about what he said… broken record and all that.

    Thomas, if you are on the south shore, I think it’s 95.1 FM that has Howie Carr on – the station is out of the cape somewhere.

    Wish I could crash that chick thing down in DC.

  • The Episcopalians don’t have popes, I know, but they might as well have named that guy from New Hampshire their pope, for all the sheer hell and trouble he’s causing them.  There’s going to be an all-out schism yet.

  • The whole WOW thing (Womens Ordination Worlwide) is coming to Ottawa CANADA this summer…


    Please pray for our archdiocese (our local MSM paper will really push this junk)
    and please offer any suggestions about how to properly catechize Catholics BEFORE this conference. DVDs? CDs? Well written articles??? etc..

  • It looks like you have taken a position against the VOTF. Instead of looking at the way a group would like to change the church. why don’t we focus on how the church has already changed itself.

  • It is obviously eating away at you. Your anger isnno worry about what someone else would like happening because the Vatican has the final word anyway. Any ranting on this any further is just a waste of time.

  • No, Jesus’ main teaching was “Love God will all your heart, all your mind, and all you soul” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” To do the first one is to do His will and we discern His will through His Body, the Church. The Church did not stray from that teaching, some individuals did.

    You seem to confuse the Church and individual bishops. They are not the same thing.

    People like VOTF would exist whether or not bishops strayed from the plan because they have their own plan and ideology. That’s the point.

    You are right on one thing: any further ranting on this is a waste of time.

  • Somehow you missed the point. Please reread it and maybe it will sink in.

    For being a blog on religious views? I have never seen so many stubborn hipprocrites in one spot. If maybe you dropped your arrongance there might be a chance for some help for you.

    If all you are doing is attacking people that don’t agree with you, you are no better than them.

    I am sorry that I even registered with this blog.  You really need mental help.

  • I see and on what have I been a hypocrite? Where have I been arrogant? In what way have I evidenced mental illness?

    Perhaps you should look in a mirror. These are just insults unsupported by evidence.

    I disagree with you, thus I must be an evil man. You have no rational answer to me, so you resort to name calling. If you’re incapable of carrying on a mature conversation, then I’m sorry you registered here too. Let me save you from that problem and delete your registration.