Reese tries the old lines that don’t work

Reese tries the old lines that don’t work

In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Father Thomas Reese, SJ, former editor of America tries the same, old line that nobody is buying.

“When you talk to the people who treated these abusive priests, you find that a lot of the ones who abused boys were in fact heterosexual” but targeted boys because they seldom spent time with girls or women, he said.

Does anybody believe this baloney? How does Reese know that these guys were heterosexual? And who believes that priests don’t spend any time with women or girls? Give me a break, that’s all any priest I know sees. Once again, more than 80 percent of all abuse was against post-pubescent teen boys. That’s homosexuality. Period.

Reese then says that this will be “devastating morale-wise.” Not to straight priests. In fact, I suspect that once heterosexual guys who think they may have a vocation become more assured that the priesthood is not a “lavender” profession, we’ll start to see the numbers going up again.

  • The question I have is most gays know the history of the church and her stance towards homosexuality-so what drove them to become priests? Is it because they could use it to be around men and boys and could care less about pushing forth church agenda?

    If we are at 50% of gays in the priesthood, then we have the same percentage of Bishops as Gays-and you really think a homosexual is going to protect orthodoxy?

    I have yet to meet one gay conservative in my lifetime

  • Bulldog, it’s easy.  Open your eyes—there are a whole list of things.

    Approval (#1 cult value of homosexuals)
    Vestments and dressup
    Living in the same quarters with other men and not having to explain it
    Not having to explain to your relatives why you aren’t married
    You can’t get fired
    You are affirmed in your “brokenness”
    If you get busted, everyone forgives you and enables you to do it again
    Even if you get busted by the Vatican, they still send you a paycheck.

    Think about it.  Don’t you read the news?  At. All. ?