Red dye at night…

Red dye at night…

In the first plague, the road turned to blood. The front-page photo in today’s Boston Herald has not been altered in any way:

A truck carrying red dye spilled its load on Route 495 near the town of Littleton. Seems appropriate for Passover. So which of the plagues will be visited upon Massachusetts next?

Will it be the plague of locust-like college students descending upon us? Naw, that happens in September.

Will we suffer from boils? Naw, that pretty much describes our politicians—boils on our … well, you know.

So what other biblical plagues can Massachusetts expect?

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  • So what other biblical plagues can Massachusetts expect?

    Funny… I always thought that the People’s Soviet Socialist Commonwealth of Massachusetts was a plague of biblical proportions.


  • So what other biblical plagues can Massachusetts expect?

    Well at least in coastal areas, as the weather warms, you can expect the particular breed of locust known as “tourists.” cool smirk

  • I don’t know what plague Mass. can expect next, but I sure pray that the liberals stay put and not move to NH.

    The NH House of Representatives passed a bill allowing civil unions yesterday. They also passed a measure to study the effects of marriage for same gender couples. 
    Of course the same study was done in 2003, but that won’t stop them from spending more of our tax payers dollars!
    The large gatherings of pro-marriage/pro-life voters had no impact.

  • Well, if that river of blood signifies the plague of same-sex marriage, Rhode Island appears to be right behind you! And if it signifies the number of innocents slaughtered on Good Friday, we’re already afflicted.