Read the Bible in a Year (but not the whole Bible)

Read the Bible in a Year (but not the whole Bible)


Ever wanted to read the whole Bible? At one point or another most committed Christians decide to tackle God’s Word and if they’re anything like me they peter out somewhere in the Book of Numbers.

Of course, the Bible-industrial complex is willing to help you out—for a fee. When I worked at a Christian bookstore we used to sell “Bible in One Year” books that subdivided the tome into 365 equal parts. They came in all sort of variations, and even Catholic ones.

But now you can dispense with the expense and the paper book with the BiblePlan site. Give it your email address, your preferred translation (sorry, no Catholic versions), your language, and how much of the Bible you want to read in a year—Gospels, Psalms, Old Testament, New Testament, or the whole thing, Numbers included.

Keep in mind that if you select the whole Bible or just the Old Testament, you’re not getting the whole thing. Apparently they offer just the “crippled” Protestant version without all the books we Catholics get to enjoy. They call them Apocryphal or Deuterocanonical. I call them the complete Bible.

But even with those limitations, you might find the service useful anyway.

Image: Wikimedia Commons; in the public domain.