Reactions of Iraqis

Reactions of Iraqis

Here are some various reports from Iraqi people in the street:

  • Fox News reporting Iraqis holding signs saying, “Go home human shields!”

  • Marine tanks rolled into the heart of the city, greeted by people cheering, waving white flags and gesturing with V-for-victory signs. “We were nearly mobbed by people trying to shake our hands,” said Major Andy Milburn of the 7th Marines.

    Symbolically, the Americans stationed tanks and other military vehicles around the very heart of Baghdad - Tahrir Square on the east bank of the Tigris River.

    There were wild scenes as residents - some in tears, others singing and dancing - crowded on to city freeways, showering the Americans who rode into town atop their tanks with flowers and the classic Iraqi greeting for foreigners: “Welcome! Welcome in Baghdad.” (From Sydney Morning Herald via The Command Post)

  • Sky News Reporter to Iraqi on the street - “What’s the arrival of the Americans mean to you?”

    Iraqi - “Umm, to me, it means - Safety”

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli